Cruise terminal Rotterdam, close to the city center


Being one of the most vibrant port cities in the world, situated at the heart of an area with a lot to offer. Rotterdam is the perfect start, or end, for a European cruise. Already many world-class cruise ships choose Rotterdam as their turnaround point. Cruise Port Rotterdam is very proud to be Home Port of Holland America Line in 2012. We are a one-stop office for all matters concerning maritime and tourist services. Cruise Port Rotterdam basically offers these services to visiting cruise liners free of charge. The historic terminal building, where people left from all over Europe with Holland America Line -just after the 2nd world war - to build a new life in USA, is modernized. The building itself houses a tourist -, shuttle- and taxi information desk. Various stands offer time-honored Dutch handicrafts such as wooden shoe making and hindeloopen painting as well as antiques, souvenirs and many more.


The Maritime Museum
The Maritime Museum was founded by King William III’s brother, Prince Hendrik. It started off with his collection back in 1874 and today it is among the three greatest maritime museums in the world.
From the Maritime Museum, this shopping arcade is a stone’s throw away. Beurstraverse is home to some 100 shops (jewellery, bags, fashion) covering 60,000 square metres.
The Cruise Terminal peninsula
Walk along the former building of the Holland America Line, now housing Hotel New York, to the tip of the peninsula where you are guaranteed an impressive view in every direction.
Boasting 185 metres, this mast is one of the highest buildings in the city. The elevators can reach a speed of 100 metres in less than 30 seconds. From here the Euroscoop will take you to the top.

Press releases

Cruise Port Rotterdam: the cruise industry is ahead of existing environmental measures.

All ships sailing on our waters, including cruise ships, have to use low-sulphur diesel (0.5% currently and down to 0.1% in the near future). They are being monitored to make sure that they do. On the quayside, the main engines are usually turned off, allowing the energy required to be released by the battery/LNG/small generator with filters in...Read more

CPR Newsletter SPRING Edition

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Yet another lovely smile at Rotterdam’s cruise quayside

On March 15th, AIDAperla will sail into the city of Rotterdam. The sister ship of AIDAprima was actually baptised only recently in Palma de Mallorca, on June 30th, 2017. She is 300 metres long, 38 metres wide and is capable of welcoming about 3300 cruise passengers. AIDAperla is a magnificent, state-of-the-art ship that comes with the latest and...Read more

AIDA Cruises’ latest ship too will be visiting Rotterdam

November will be all about AIDA, welcoming AIDAperla once more, AIDAmar even several times. AIDAbella will visit as well and Cruise Port Rotterdam just learned that even the very latest ship of AIDA Cruises will sail into the city of Rotterdam. So in 2018, Rotterdam is looking forward to welcoming this brand-new cruise ship known as ms AIDAnova...Read more

Cruise Port Rotterdam. Cruise in the City.

-Quay in city centre at famous Erasmusbridge -Two hours from sea to city center, no locks -Renowned quality marine and nautical services -’Top 5 Must see City’ Lonely Planet, Wallpaper, Rough Guide and many more. -Live architecture from 1100 to date -Authentic lifestyle & design shopping -Fourty museums from bric a brac, dolls to old masters...Read more