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The Port of Gothenburg is Scandinavia’s largest port and has an excellent geographical position for reaching all parts of Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea. The range of port services is almost complete; from containers, oil, cars, passenger and cruise traffic to logistics and transport by rail. Environmental issues constitute an important foundation for the activities and the port is convinced to contribute to a long term sustainable development by an integrated and proactive environmental work to achieve a minimum of negative environmental impact.


City Tour including Paddan boat
Experience the history of Gothenburg as a trade centre, the famous opera house, the statue “Poseidon”, the Art Museum, the Concert Hall, City Theatre and Library. Continue tour on Paddan canal boat.
West Coast
Experience the fishing villages, the old Viking town of Kungälv, Tjörn Bridges with an amazing view on the North Sea and visit on the small island of Klädesholmen, famous for its herring industries.
Liseberg Amusement Park
There is something for everyone at Liseberg. Many rides and attractions offer thrills and laughter for kids and grown-ups. There are plenty of other things to enjoy; restaurants, shops and gardens.
Cultural Gothenburg
Experience important sites and landmarks; Götaplatsen, the cultural centre of the city and the Museum of Fine Arts with its Fürstenberg Gallery, including the world's leading collection of Nordic art.
The island of Marstrand
Experience the beautiful countryside, island of Koön & Carlsten Fortress, where a guided walk through narrow, cobbled streets will take you through a small, pedestrian town and its interesting history
Gothenburg Christmas City
Experience a scandinavian christmas in Gothenburg with cosy markets, atmospheric concerts, Christmas at Liseberg Amusement Park and more.