The port of Brest


Brest with its evocative street names – Siam, Bougainville, La Fayette, Segalen, is a place where the traveler can unwind in a variety of ways: shopping, restaurants, museums and galleries, theatres, cinemas, bars and pubs with a truly Celtic atmosphere. From the fortifications built by the famous French architect Vauban to the destruction wrought by the Second World War, all of the city’s architecture is rooted in the soils of history. Accounts of the past, monuments, military history, and museums provide the occasion for an exciting journey through the events that made Brest what it is today. Just a few hundred yards away from the quays sits the town itself amid its Motte-Tanguy Tower and its castle dating back to the 15th and 17th centuries, which houses the splendid naval museum. Keep, towers, courtyards and watchtowers overlook the port and the Penfield river which, every 4 years, play host to the largest gathering of boats in the world.


More than 10,000 animals representing 1,000 different species, 4 million litres of sea water, shows, films, activities! Océanopolis Brest: a half-day of discoveries and dreams come true.
Fonds Hélène & Edouard Leclerc
The "Fonds Hélène & Édouard Leclerc pour la culture" is a private modern art centre in the Capucins convent in Landerneau. It aims to showcase the iconic artists of our time.
The National Navy Museum
In the exceptional setting of Brest Castle, the national naval museum is home to a unique collection of artefacts bearing witness to the adventure of Brest Arsenal and the French navy.
Fine Arts Museum
The museums presents works from the 18th century. The various trends of the 19th century are also revealed (Romanticism, academicism, Orientalism and naturalism) & marine paintings.
Quimper is a thousand-year-old city recognized for its artistic and historic significance through the label "Ville d'Art et d'Histoire".
Locronan is an authentic medieval village with local creative craftsmen.

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Cruise Brittany

Located in Brittany in beautiful northwest France, the port of Brest welcomes 15 calls every year. Brest is surrounded by fabulous natural landscapes: dramatic cliffs, long white sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. Visitors can also explore medieval cities, ancient Celtic gravestones, chapels and Brittany’s unique heritage sites,...Read more