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Bodo rebuilds quay to enable more city access

A bid is out to begin work on rebuilding the Town Square quay in Bodo after the summer, following a one-year delay to the project. The plan is for this to be completed in time for the 2015 cruise season which begins on May 25. There are plans to invest in three Yokohama fenders which can be used both at the Town Square quay or at the Terminal quay...Read more

Skagen facilities will be ready early

Due to a very mild winter and a long and warm summer the work on the construction of the new cruise facilities in Skagen has been quicker than expected and will therefore be operational by February 2015. The 1.3km breakwater is well on the way to being completed. The 507m concrete construction of the new quay and the mounting of bollards is...Read more

Amsterdam lights up in December as Constellation bades farewell

Amsterdam is looking forward to a busy December. No less than 11 ships will visit the city giving passengers the opportunity of experiencing the Amsterdam Light Festival (November 27 2014 to January 18 2015). For the third time, the historic centre of city will be the atmospheric backdrop for this international festival which includes various...Read more

Trondheim improves mooring for larger ships

Two new bollards have been installed in Trondheim with another confirmed for next year. This will improve the mooring situation for the bigger ships. With 60 calls this year and the number growing the city is looking ahead as to what may be needed both in terms of further port development and also shore excursions. A lot of work is going into...Read more

Bordeaux chalks up record week

The first week of September was a record week for Bordeaux cruise activity with six cruise ships calling: Ocean Majesty, Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony, Voyager, SeaDream 1, Silver Cloud and Marina. By the end of the week more than 30,000 passengers had visited the French city this year, with at least another 10,000 more by the end of the...Read more

CMP goes from strength to strength

The overall number of visitors to Copenhagen and Malmo this season is expected to be 780,000 passengers and 230,000 crew distributed over 324 calls. On August 30 this year, Copenhagen Malmo Port (CMP) welcomed the largest number of passengers so far. Royal Princess, Costa Luminosa and MSC Poesia docked at Ocean Quay with a total of over 8,700...Read more

London landing stage well on the way in Tilbury

The London Cruise Terminal at Tilbury has been able to rebuild the landing stage at the same time as operating Marco Polo from the port. The 348m long floating stage will have a minimum draught of 10m at low tide with new fenders being installed alongside. The benefit of the rebuild is that the it will be possible to use forklift trucks again so...Read more

Haugesund improves access

From 2015, the east side of Haugesund will be opened up to cruiseships of 200m in length in order to avoid having to cancel bookings. This will be in addition to the 420m-long pier already available which can accommodate one large or two smaller vessels. This year the port is expecting 20 calls, a vast increase on the five calls in 2013, its first...Read more

Lerwick makes it a two-record year

The busiest season yet ended in Lerwick with the arrival of 91,740gt Norwegian Star from Bergen on September 25. Passenger numbers reached a new high at 43,056, topping the previous record of 37,572 in 2012, with the vessel tonnage figure of 1,682,985gt exceeding the record of 1,531,097gt two years ago. Victor Sandison, Lerwick Port Authority...Read more

Floro extends quay and builds terminal

The quay in Floro is being lengthened to 200m in order to increase capacity for more and larger ships. The regulation process is underway and it is hoped will be completed by the year end. Work is due to be completed late 2015 or spring 2016. The Port and Municipality of Floro are financing the project. A terminal is also being built with...Read more