Cruise Port Rotterdam: the cruise industry is ahead of existing environmental measures.

The Rotterdam cruise terminal in the center of the city

All ships sailing on our waters, including cruise ships, have to use low-sulphur diesel (0.5% currently and down to 0.1% in the near future). They are being monitored to make sure that they do.
On the quayside, the main engines are usually turned off, allowing the energy required to be released by the battery/LNG/small generator with filters in the chimney. Today 90% of all plumes of smoke consist of water vapour.
At the harbour, electricity or hydrogen is the source of energy more often.
In the future, ships will be running on organic raw materials, making plumes of smoke entirely disappear.
In October, the first cruise ship (out of 21) using LNG will depart. It is AIDAnova (coming two times to Rotterdam later this year). And so emissions will be something of the past.
Port of Rotterdam was one of the first ports to introduce an LNG bunkering station and barge. LNG is the cleanest fossil fuel available out there.
Where possible on board and on the quayside, electric forklift trucks will be used, running on lead-free alternatively.

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